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Bonjour!Welcome to fels` world.This will be all about her, be it bad or good things, life is full of ups and downs isnt it? There will be random posts too occasionally. What about her? nah, figure it out for yourself.peace.


Saturday, December 20, 2008
OMG I SAW SHAN`s latest post!
i felt so relieved now.its like...she can type and go online again! now i just have to wait to talk to her.gosh i miss her.everytime i see purple or orange things, i remember her.
And last night i dreamt i talked to her in hospital and we were laughing.just the two of us.its so surprising isnt it.it like my first time in centuries, having a real dream.usually my dreams are just plain black.its like..i snore and then the next sec i heard my alarm.mhm.that bad!

And omg i just browsed thru veron`s blog.now`s her turn.oh well, i really think that after monica left, our section is going down down down unless they do something about their 'backstabbing' world war 3.never ends.
I thought it will be over.i hope it will, soon.

Veron, just chill.dont bother wasting your energy for this.rather use em to think about me and ME!.:D hehhehheh
so, screw the war and think of Felz.i dont know when i can be ego like this to you anymore.

oh life is beautiful now!
im starting to like crocs.call me weird.
i mean, its sooooo comfortable and its on sale.come on,and its waterproof.i mean, you dont have to worry about stinky shoes during rainy days...


Wednesday, December 17, 2008
so, im at dante coffee now.i feel like a nomad, walking from coffee shop to coffee shop to get free wifi and chat to my friends or blog.mhm.pretty cool.cos my dad apparently have not re-install new wireless programme in our house so yeah.since we`re goin away soon.

but guess what, its grey.but afterall, its still FREE ;D

what the hell have i been doin this hol?
drums drums drums.i videoed lotsa weird ugly things so i`ll delete them.im more into pieano now!been figuring out bella`s lullaby on the piano, and finally got it.i really feel accomplished.

of course, ive been lazy! hahaha durh, world, its after Os, can it get any better than this!
mom still annoyingly (sorry) bothering me to study math.i know, the prefixes are diff, the system are diff, the subjects are diff, but you see, people need break! we need some love! or we`ll look exactly like a book.
sometimes i wish my parents can understand what im goin thru.its easier said than done dammit!

and i`ve been watching movies too!
wild child, sydney white, centre stage, the clique, mammamia, twilight, transporter 3...many zillion more.

so at this point of view, life is wonderful.


Saturday, December 6, 2008
Yesterday was the best day of my 2008 life in spore.

Lets start from morning.

I watched wild child with Alvin.for FREE.it was good.the movie.i`ve learnt to use the B for 'BYOTCH" word from it.i`ve never use it ever...cos i dont call my girl friends that.(:
Well, i owe him $6.noted.

Then, injection.OOH SUPER FREAKING PAIN! to all people who hate injection too, this is some tips.
If the doctor takes the needle or the solution to be injected from a REFRIGERATOR, say NO and ask him to take the one outside, at rtp.because, colder solution will make it THOUSAND TIMES MORE PAINFUL...feels like it penetrates through your muscle.ouch! yeah.so choose warmer solution!less painful, realised.

Went to pool with
Jayni Simone Jadon Eugene Timmy Dwayne Ryan Keith Terrence after that.
Jayni said it was planned for me, so i was moved.really moved.
I dont know how to thank everyone enough.
well, i still suck at pool.Jadon tried to teach me.Super pro.im the lousiest, but who cares, im cool.(:

Crystal Janice Eleanor Kerlene HuiGeok Germaine
They insisted on paying for me.ok.fine i shall shut up, i thought.haha
and they gave me this Felicia Book....SO TOUCHING! teared.but i didnt cry.see, im getting good at holding my stream of tears back.teehee good practice for wednesday HEHHEHHEH!
and then they came over me house and we camwhored there.LOTSA PEEKS coming up.

Like people is gonna read my blog,but still i have to do this!
So, all i can say to everybody is simply


Friday, November 28, 2008
It turns out that Shannen is safe and sound in God`s hand all this while.I dont know why some people esp the juniors, made up lotsa bullshit stories.This is getting out of hand.This is really stressing her grandmother.Looks like these people have nothing better to do.

From now on, i wont believe any 'i heard from blah blah blah'.I`ll just simply ignore and pray for her. Shannen WONT repeat sec one.thats like. the most ridiculous said thing ever.
and Shannen`s operation WAS A SUCCESS! BIG SUCCESS!Praise the Lord.
And Shannen is not suffering from freaking amnesia.See how this things got exagerated?mostly by juniors.WOW! SUPER helping.making people worried sick.
SO lesson learnt: dont trust anyone, unless you receive a first hand account and talk to Shan`s grandmother yourself.

So i felt much lighter today.and hung with amanda after that. i was with simone too. and we met Eugene and his friend Melvin, basking @ Novena underpass.hanging out with amanda at her house was fun! i`ll like miss her many many.:(
and her mom was mom was so nice.Amanda kept on making fun of me bowing. yeah.:PHAHAH!

life simpy sucks.at the moment.

disaster after disaster.all at once.and they`re all related with ME.
im not complaining.i just need to let it all out or i`ll never be in peace.

My mom used to teach me things that go:
The good will sit at the right hand of the Father and live happily ever after in heaven
The bad will be in hell.

sometimes i really wonder, why my friends?why my family?why not the bad guy, like terrorists for example, or maybe...i dont know criminals?thought people always pray for world peace.
Of all people, why those beautiful people that i know?

these questions haunt me every night.
i thought life in singapore will be a different one, a peaceful and happy one.
i know.reality bites.life is unfair.

okay so these are the suckiest things that happened so far.i dont know whats next.

1.I got informed by Zena yesterday that Shannen was sent to the emergency operation.and then, Jayni with worse one.She may not be able to make it alive.and if she does make it, she`ll have to repeat sec one.i got a shock of my life. thats the worse nightmare that can ever happen.

2.I got a call from indon,medan that my friend`s home, Lucas` and Erlyn`s, got hit by earthquake.They said it was a minor one, but her house was wiped out and only ashes and woods left.Til today, i still have no news of them.

3.I got sick yesterday.Some weird one.Vomitting liquids.and they`re like water.no taste, no colour, no smell.

4.I got to study to prepare myself for next year.im currently in a 'holiday' mood. No intention to study AT ALL.but parents still couldnt understand me.and kept on asking me study when im online.dude, you promised to let me PLAY ALL I WANT, TILL IM SATISFIED.see, these promises are fake.just to make me study hard for Os and feel excited for the post-times.WHATTHEHELL!
there`ll never be 'playing til i drop'. never happen.its too good to be true.

maybe my life is not the suckiest now.i know there are others who suffer, ten times hundred times worse than me.told ya earlier, i wasnt complaining.i just need to let it out in my damn blog.

heard of this saying,
dying is easier
alive is harder?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
I`ve tried so hard to hold back my tears and face everybody with a smile once i walked out of the ICU.
But i just couldnt help it.
Looking at her, so still and silent and helpless,asleep
truly reminds me of dear laura.
Its unbelievable that its actually becoming automatic to me to make/eat sushi on 8th feb every year.its her favourite food.Bet she misses making weird faces with me when we eat new kind of sushi with ultimate weird taste.

I`ve prayed to God all these days that i wont experience such worry anymore, that in singapore, i`ll have a new life, new friends and a happy ending. The pain of losing someone youre so close to, its great, unimaginable and unspeakable. I never want to experience such pain ever again.

To all bloggers out there who bitch about friends in posts, think again.
Cherish your frienship while you can.Or it will be too late and you`ll never live in peace ever again. Your mind will be filled with "if only"s... and wishing that you can turn back time.

I`ll visit shannen again tomorrow, but i`ll be stronger. The only way to spur her on to recover and live again, is to remain calm and smile, praying for her all day.
Though the doctor is kinda irritated with the no. of people coming.how nice.
Well, there is only one shannen in this world and she is the shannen that enter my life.

God bless Felicia.

Sunday, November 23, 2008
world lets pray with me.

Dear God,
an innocent, precious life is in danger
help her to overcome the pain she has to bear
please dont take her away
for she is still someone young with pure heart
and humble mind
Oh Lord, dont take another friend of mine away
this way, this cruel way

its painful to those around her
especially her family

please help her to recover
and let no complications occur so that
she is still as perfect as she was before
God, please watch over her
please save her from any critical danger
that may disadvantage her in any way in the future
Lord give her another chance

to live again
and may she be someone stronger
someone who will not runaway
someone who will continue having faith in You

We pray this through Christ our Lord

Thursday, November 20, 2008
i know its so late of me to say so..but too bad, i`ve been really busy lately.with fun.:D
so lemme start with the 'exciting' word called


what do you think about it?
not as good as i`ve expected, but fun.

hows the food?
heavenly.though i dont eat like they`re worth $80.i ate too little.:(

hows the after party?
simply a BLAST!

so whats the after party?
animal party.

HAHA! jayni shannen and simone stayed over.and for the first time in singapore i stayed up the WHOLE freaking night, playing animal party with them.its fun cos you see, we got to open up with each other.great memories.and we camwhores...durh...200 over pictures.craziness indeed :D

and the best thing is, WE SLEPT IN THE LIVING ROOM! powerness.

veronica came in the morning to collect her stuff, and we were still sleeping.shannen opened the door for her and i saw her jaw practically dropped.HAHA!hilarious reaction.

i went to ESCAPE THEME PARK!woooo
with jayni, simone, shannen, sam, freda, eugene and dwayne.
it was not as good as i`ve expected, but overally, i had fun.so i dont really care about the separate group part.i mean, when new people meet new people, you should know what happen right?
we make new friends.true.but there`ll be awkward silences and you tend to stick with the people you know cos you feel uncomfortable.you feel outcasted or left out sometimes.i tried.maybe not as hard as i should, cos im not in the mood to be HIGH or friendly these days.problems at home and future life in the states.whatever...
i think i should just be happy and carefree now that i only have 2 weeks left in singapore.
go fels go!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
so ive been mugging chem since morning.manage to finish 2 books of mcqs.
now i got the brain damage disease. oh great!

So i`ve been going to the gym.every morning.and doing more sit ups since i have nothing to worry about time to study anymore.
ABS here i go! hahha shane`s abs pop out in my head whenever i did sit ups.
i think i should do sports during break instead of going online.
since im not so tall, i have to exercise more to look taller.
mom said if i lose a few weights, i can look slightly taller.and nicer.

easy to say but hard to do.

thanks to O`s i`ve lost 3 kg.havent weigh myself these days cos im lazy.im not THAT obssessed with mine.

notes to cindy: i`ve tried.i`ve experienced.when you skip meals, you tend to snack. it may sounds light and little, but in fact, it has way more calories and carbo than rice.so advise to you, eat 3 meals a day properly.EXERCISING is the most logical, simple secret to a 'woohoo body'.

OH NO! my new neighbour is a freakking TWIT! she blasts chinese songs every night.im going crazy!i was hoping for some funky new girl in town or people from korea or japan. turns out to be a family from china.God bless me.

Monday, November 10, 2008
i got my heels.
and costs below $30
but its super high and thin.for me.


i`ve been practising with my neighbour to walk.it supposed to be SHANNEN but she stays far far away and i cant go out much now cos have to study for my last 2 papers.
Im glad i have a neighbour that is professional enough to teach me how to walk.

SHE IS SO FIERCE i tell you.
she`ll start smacking my ass when i didnt walk properly.
its hard alright, please understand.
its like you`re walking on a knife.gosh.

of course, expected, i fell a few times.A FEW TIMES is kinda good for a beginner (:
heh.but yeah, blue black all over my poor butt and hips.im glad theres no scars or blister on my legs.mhm.at least the blueblacks are hidden:D

Yes veron, i hope american schools wont be like the one portrayed in 'mean girls' too.im scared.what if i become one of them? HAHAHA scary!
i`ll stick to being asian geeks.i think its the savest and best.you dont get into back-stabbing wars and troubles.hate the B word.

I`ve studied bio.its quite fun.i mean, now that o`s are almost over, im thinking what to do next.plenty of time for me.but then again, it will be my last few days here so i gotta make the best out of them.hang with all my friends.yay.im bad at time management though.

oh well...ciao.

damn i just broke my friend`s new skate deck.i felt soooo bad.:/ rah! it costs $500! i dont know where to get that much money from.

Saturday, November 8, 2008
O`s has unofficially ended for me! MUAHAHAHAHAHA
im loving every single second of it.dude, it feels great.

anyway, since SOME PEOPLE think that my previous skin is BLINDING (i think its cool), i decided to be NICE and change.YAY.its blue.

and tsk, stop staring at the puny picture there.i know he`s hot.i understand.i wish i look like that.LOL

so i`ve been shopping.and yesterday was with jayni and freda.later shannen, jloh and damien came along.My legs were breaking, they became as soft as slug.i cant even walk properly.mhhm.
we started at far east all the way to robinson centre point,and end up with dinner at cine.WOW.from 2 pm to like 9 plus
IT WAS RIDICULOUSLY HORRIBLE, but with the people i went with, i was happy despite the pain i have to bear.
good news: i only managed to get a can of hair mousse.3cheers for me.

I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO WALK ON HEELS.DESPERATELY.come on man.or i`ll be the shortest in the ballroom.

and i just recently viewed veronica`s blog. DUDE!
ANGELS AND DEMONS is coming soon in cinemas.mid of 2009.im SO watching.:D

life is so beautiful.

okay, 1 month and 2 days away to 'good bye singapore'.
nownow, this sucks.:(

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
me back!
well, she decided to slip in the password in a little note into my bag.
So, i learn my lesson.
yeah.i shall manage my own sites from now on. yeah.

facebook will be remade soon.(:

actually, these sites are kinda useless, cos you end up making friends with the same people.

okay so this new skin is too pink i understand. i feel pink now so...its not a sin to have a pink blog right?!
Its not like..the way primary school kids stereotype it,
PINK iS FOR BIMBOS cos they like them?
no way man. this is the 20th century.even males adore pink stuff now.
come on.guy in pink is gay?
well, not my dad.

this skin is just temporary.colour freak is cool.
for the sake of giving my dear blog a new look...after centuries..

chem chem chem chem chem...
restless, dreamless days. cant wait to end em.

i shant countdown.it depresses people.msn nicks are enough to pull me down. dang. time flies like bullets i tell you.



ciao.til 13th nov.

All the best, Os people.(:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
hey folks.
how great! im sick.mt alvernia hosp saved my life.
i was vomitting water.the doc said its near to stomach flu and warned me to eat on time.
rah.i was totally awake yesterday til 4am, thanks to starbucks coffee.
i actually gulped it down, one whole big mug.bitter like shit.

tadaa i miss chem test today.
shit man.i hate to delay tests.

im bored.i shall update about last weekend.(:

Saturday,19 July
RGS band concert CADENZA was a blast, although i slept for awhile.
the percussion ensemble was damn good.(:
well done delise!

and then the sec four farewell party, BBQ.

shit i`ll miss you girls! i`ll definately join the alumni.
they gave us seniors a pair of adorable little shoes.thanks loads man!
and then they showed us funny video.damn touching.
the vidoe of the beijing competition too!
ZOMG what the hell am i thinking.i was bouncing like a ball throughout the whole competition.
and and fyi, i dont look like sumo.i think im cool.:D
(*being ego is good in this case)
and then all the graduating badge danced and sing, highschool musical.
can you believe it, fels can DANCE.hell yes.
of course,there was crying session.really bad.
i was tearing like mad.for the first time.
and then we went to have super at macs.

and then we took many retarded peektures.will be coming your way.

Sunday 20th July

THE GARDEN OF EDEN play was a success.
my group was involved in this play.and ronald got the lead role, which is God.you should totally see him in that funky robe.
970 people came.even the church was too damn small.HAHA
one comment: i look retarded.
i played the flower girl.and leah chose the clothes from mostly my sis` wardrobe.
she made me put on this white 'translucent' top, with this flowery skirt and black stockings.
can you imagine me now?

and she was my 'doller'.i was lucky.of all people, LEAH.she had lots lots lots of fun putting a super heavy make up on me.and she`ll pay for that.you`ll see. fels officially hates make up .maybe i`ll still wear eyeliner, but not THAT thick, not THAT "seen"able.

i realized that i atually have a label in church.
the 'teeshirt jean' girl.
this girl was like "omg.t-shirt jean girl on flower"
she said it loud and clear when i was just standing a few mm from her.
i know i know, i have been wearing tees and jeans to church lately.too bad, they`re comfortable.:P and as you know, skirt is not my thing.sunday was en exception cos im wearing it for God.i wore a skirt for veron`s fred`s and manda`s confi too.:) skirts make me feel like a woman.a grown up.and you have to watch the way you seat and all, not cool not fun man.cos i like to cross my legs.

Father Elliot was surprised to see me on skirt.
'so cute so cute' was the comment that damaged my ear that day.
and i saw the poster.ZOMG.i look retarded seriously.they pasted it everywhere.
Father Elliot dared me to post those pics, saying that i should be proud of what God has given me. fine.i`ll do it.but just ONE photo!
The photoshoot session was damn fun.i couldnt stop laughing cos of the ultra gay photographer. he likes my eye tails and teeth(thats why you see me wearing my biggest smile in most of the pics).weirdo.tsktsk.its hard to smile happy when you`re not inside.

thanks to leah who refused to gimme make up remover, i erased my make up with water.i had a super hard time.damn painful and the make up just refused to go away.and i did it in the men`s. i realized after a man peed in his cubicle next to the sink.he stared at me and i stared at him back.and then i walked away.mr, i didnt see your thang, im not a perv so relax:P

to change.cos i have a picnic after that.

mugging at serene with veron simone and jayni.
saw jadon nathan and javian.

and then BAND FIESTA @ botanic garden
Veronica Zena Simone Jayni Gary Adam and me.

its like..an outing/picnic/chilling out whatever it is..
we bought lots of food.thanks to me simone and zena.HAHA!
rumble was fine.not up to my expectation.:P

there was an awkward silence.veronica left early.
i`ve tried my best to continue talking though.
jayni and simone with their bimbo acent.
gary and adam with their 'wth' look.
its quite funny to watch them.

and then we asked this funny guy to help us take group photo.
and omg he`s funny! and i looked spastic in most pictures cos i couldnt help laughing.

dinner @ TANGLIN MALL, TASTY food court.surely tasty.
we kinda interact abit.abit.
simone and her baby...
and she owed me money.$$$ hahha

thank you so much jayni zena and simone for waiting for my bus.
but too bad, the bus broke down half way.
and i took the wrong bus.
and i overslept.
and i got lost.
i end up at the remote beach road.
and i walked all the way up and i saw hotel 81.
welcome to geylang!
'thats it fels, the end of your life', i thought.
i didnt see any passing bus or taxi or cars.just empty threatening trucks and workers and the sound of drills.freakky.
i tried to call jayni and zena and simone for help, but i cant get through them.
it just so happen that gary replied my msg.
he guided me til i found this bustop, where only 125 goes there.
but 125 doesnt operate on weekends.:(

and then kayla and max called me.
kayla kept on whining about me being a stupid ass, sleepy dork whatever funny names she called me.
max tried to track me with his new pda, which obviously didnt work.
gary sent me info on bus routes and all.

they sounded much more worried than my sister.yeah.
all she said was "take care man". unbelievable.

it was hot and i was sleepy.
so i sat on this pathway, watching the quiet night.no cats no cars nobody.just me.it freakked me out but what can i do, the more i walk the more i`ll get lost.

so in summary, i went to these places.
beach road, nicoll highway, geylang, kallang.

i saw GAY WORLD HOTEL and laughed my ass off. i met many cross dressers and one of them offered me a lift.i ran for my life.can you imagine, me and the weird clothes and the places that i went to?

lucky no one raped me.although i believe that im too ugly to be raped.

and then i saw kallang mrt.after sooo long.
Kayla called me to keep me awake, gary text me to keep me awake, max sang to keep me awake.
wow, thank you for showing that you people actually care for me.
and many thanks to three of you,for without you i wont be home.
fels was home at 12 midnight.

Thank God.

i owe jadon haagendaz(if he gets 80)
i owe kayla and max a kiss (no lips no lips)
i owe gary an ice cream.

Monday 21st July


so now, ready for the shots?!


the twits.

percs '08

poor me.


Production photoS*hide*
the photo is scanned, so its kinda blurr.
[russell only sent my shots and not others, afraid that i might blog about them.you owe me group photos too.]

picnic @ botanic garden.

simone zena veronica jayni adam gary fels.
(clockwise) im the weirdest dressed one.

mel fel ron



PS: fels, Leah here, i added some cute photos, hope you dont mind.(:
get your new password from me.lovelovelove.

Thursday, July 10, 2008
6 more weeks fels!

goodness, time is surely flying fast.wth.
i`ve been mugging in the library lately.alone.nah, im not lonely.i think its better to study by yourself.but the bad thing is...if you fall asleep.mhhm.

i lost my phone charger.
of all things.because i fell asleep half way when i was studying last sunday.
venue:national library, last table.
too bad i was too tired.

i fell asleep in public places recently.its getting worse.i needa change this habit.sighs
>fell asleep in class.doh.
>fell asleep in the library
>fell asleep on the bus
>fell asleep @ coffee bean til the server woke me up
>fell asleep at mrt, end up @ changi airport
>fell asleep at the bus stop, fell backward.
and many more places many more times.

im fuming mad.pissed.
and goodness, i hate vectors to the core of my ass. dang.

today was just bad.
brain damage day.

Amath bio and emath test, all the way.no break.
sometimes i wonder if they teachers are unfeeling.

Art class was a blast.
we learnt the 'crack and brittle' effects.
pretty cool.just give me a ring if you want to see yourself as a terrifying monster or a terrorist that bombed himself.(:

i know its kinda late.(6/7/08)

dearest percs.you girls are so shweet.i love the customized sticks especially.
GREAT! now i have 4 pairs of sticks.drummerhands surely is happy and satisfied.(:
so sweet of y0u to 'carv' my name on the sticks.its damn cool.
coolest sticks ever.i vow that i`ll never ever use that sticks.keep it as display (:

i just cant wait til that particular day, the last o`s paper.:D

my wish list:
~grad night i suppose?
~photoshoot with yeow @ changi hospital
~photoshoot with simone
~outing with bendemeerians (pool)
~concerts and concerts and concerts
(particularly CHIJ end of year concert)
~skateboarding with max and kayla
~gig @ homeclub & bnj
~movie marathon
~indon trip with JAYNI (:
(anyone can join!)
~FOOD HUNTING with mel and ron
~GTA4, cs, sims, dota and dota and dota
~heels tuition with shannen
~dessert making session with hui geok and pei ying
~tea party with art class
~get a dlsr camera plus lens and extension
zomgggg...so many things to do so much time!:D

i really really really cant wait! dammit! mamamia!

okok.here`s some pics form beijing.

i miss beijing already.:(

my dearest percussion section :D

graduating badge and Papa Tan (:

Monday, June 23, 2008
ZOMG time fly freakily fast!


damn, i still want more.yes, MORE.

overall, it was just fun and sad at the same time, cos this will be my last time, LAST time playing with the band and being a member of this band.shit.im really sad.i will miss this band and the memories...oh man. but im strong enough to hold my tears back, so no worries.(:

and luckily, we got a super nice tour guide, our dear MR YAN/MR MONEY!:D

we love you man.and he loves percussion back too, cos we are cool ppl.heheheheh.

let me sum it up!wheehee

17th June

on the plane with jayni and monica, back seat. ij girls are well-known for being late, so bendemeer got the front seats.mhmm.YES,we`re on the same plane (:

surprisingly, its not as noisy as what i`ve expected.

omg i brushed my teeth 3 times cos the mouth rinsing is power.i watched step up 2.man, it was boring,i hate romance. i prefer mystery.

i did english on the plane.(: clap.

Mingriwuzhou is not bad you know.i like it.

jayni is my room mate.room 720.:D nice number fels!

the first thing we did: move the bed next to each other.man it was heavy.i was sweating like mad.in fact, its heavier than the biggest timpani.gee, we`re strong, jayni.

18th june

if im not wrong, we went to the temple of heaven.boring boring boring.

im not a history person.

we missed music clinic though, and the workshop was useless cos we came late.we met percussionists form many other schools.coolios.

Opening ceremony was just....BORING.

no offense, especially the china band that played.gosh.so stoned.i was sleeping.*oops*

yes, maybe even snoring.what a pig.at least Mr Samad and Gary didnt get to see it this time*pheww*.westwind concert.LOL.

19th june

forbidden city.SO LOOOOOOOOONG.my legs were breaking apart.damn, im getting old.hahha

we took jump shots and cart-wheel shots.probably, the bendemeerians think we`re a crazy bunch.sheeesh.

school exchange with riverside and bayi chinese.I officially admire Mr Komiyama.he`s cool.love his accent.

dont talk to me about dinners.

the soupS were just...URGH, gross.practically,they were a mixture of salt and water.some are diluted.so me and simone started this tradition, where we`ll make our own soup by mixing 'disgusting'leftovers and chilli and tea and watermelon juice.HAHAH!every dinner okay.some of the percs got very disgusted.at least its tasteful after that.we`re the number one CHEFS simone!:D

we went shopping at the pearl market.im not a shopping person, so i only got a pair of sneakers and shades.gosh, china ppl are scary indeed.they were so desperate and grabbed my money, bugging me once i stared or stepped into their shops.im scared.

20th June


that coaster thingo was just fun.i love roller coaster afterall.Jayni got so freaked out at first.haha.

we gave the bendemeer percsnsts fruit plus sweets, strawberry flavour, cos jayni`s dog ate the kit kat.probably they think we`re cheap-skate, but we really put our hearts and soul, giving them sincerely.


at least TIMPANI GUY was kind enough to take it.:D

chang ping sch peformance was just...ewww.the bells was so ringy, i cant even dampen it.RAAAAAH fels was fuming mad!

why dont they have extra xylo?!?!?!?!

night rehearsal was damn fun!:D

21st June


timpani was damn nice.power.power.i like.

its just the tuning.hahha and i bravely moved the freaking gay chair away.timpanists arent supposed to sit down! not cool man, not cool.

the guest band from canada i think...,performed opheus! OMG! damn nice!shit.memories man.i played xylo.HAHAH! and the freaking backstagers stopped them from playing more cos it was already quite late.he just took the file and stand rudely.and the female hot conductor was furious.

for once, im ashamed to be a chinese.

everybody left when it was our turn to perform.

but surprisingly, bendemeer was the only school that stayed to support us.
our self-composed perc ensemble, IJ heartbeat was not bad.i just couldnt help myself laughing.Siti thinks it was cool.hahhaha THANKS MAN!:D

SWAY WAS THE BOMB, with bendemeerians swaying at the back.ohman, they`re a bunch of nice and awesome people.i LOVE them.they could just have left us, but they stayed.really touched.and the prrcussionists...:D thanks for swaying!:DDD

you all rock! it was really cool.

you`ll always be a gold or in fact, a platinum band in our hearts.

thank you Mr Samad, for dancing along too.:) *yes, i could see him so clearly!i`ve got pefect eyesight.if he could see me sleep clearly and LAUGH, so am i!shhh..

22nd June


he`s super lenient, to give us 93 points for merry widow.:)

im quite surprised.

Olympic shop was quite boring.im not a shopaholic.i HATE shopping to the core.

so me and simone and veronica were playing truth or dare and pepsi cola.gee, it was fun!

and we took a group photo with the bendemeer percs.COOOL.but siti wasnt there, and my jnrs too!rah!

RQ gave me jing jing stickers and simone was damn jealous so she asked from adam.how childish, simone!:P

go marry jing jing man!

the TEA SHOP.i hate the tea.it was bitter.i like sweet ones!

lunch was shiok! with some gay and funny performances

we only had less than fifteen mins to pack up and chek out.the lifts were full and jayni and I, being so strong and heroic, went up the stairs to the 7th floor.we`re fit.:D


praise the lord!

scream your lungs out.zena was unwell, so me and simone sat at the extreme back with her, supper stuffy! no air con man!

and WE COULDNT WATCH BENDEMEER PERFORM...in fact, couldnt watch them throughout the trip.this is so unfair.

so we decided to just scream..actually, more like screech, for bendemeer.(:

a bunch with golden hearts, i so agree with Mr Tan.

Mr Samad is sooo friendly, i cant stand it.he treats us like his friends.

even clarise thought he was my uncle, cos she saw me doing the 'high-five' with him.hahahahaha i laughed my ass off.

we promised him to watch bendemeer`s yearly concert in return.i know, we`re sooooooo nice.(:

thank you thank you.

and we didnt even have the chance to take GROUP PHOTOS cos we have to catch the freaking plane!:(

*fello percs, lets take it some other time, yea?

23rd June

man, im in spore.NOOOO i want beijing.i just feel like rewinding the time.i dont wanna go to sch.

i feel sorry for bendemeer and the rest, for only having half a day to rest.sighs

mugmugmugmugmug will be my future.

i took alot of shots.
here`s some pictures.click to see the full size manz!

i`ll change my layout after o`s.


Saturday, June 7, 2008
so much for holiday.

ah so many things to do.i cant even concentrate on mugging.sheeeesh

and gee, im just too lazy to do history.dang.


jayni, please dont fall sick!:/
dont pang seh me!

gee, you`re old.he`s eighteen.
but he has an 80 years old man`s soul.
poor poor man.

photos will be up soon.i guess.

i just cant stop laughing at our hotel name.
ever heard of it? anyone?

funky hotel man, with billiards and kettles.
nehmind, im just gonna drown myself with sudoku.:D

fels is a genius.
(genius is NOT = to nerd, somehow, its cooler.)

Beijing tasks:GET THE DAMN GOLD!
photoshoot shannen
crazily hike the great wall.
pillow fight and jamming with jayni.:P
learn to be a sixteen years old lady.
speak chinese.:D(percs, need your help here)
steal the malay food if im sick with the chinese ones

so many things to do.i shall keep the rest as secret!:D

off to do geog.GRAH geog.